12th November 2022

London Myriad Ensemble


Maja Persson – Flute, Nadia Barbosa – Clarinet, Jenni Britton – Oboe & Susana Dias – Bassoon

The James Wyatt Music Room had the great pleasure of hearing London Myriad Ensemble perform at last night’s ‘Music in the Castle’.

From the start, the group explored a wide range of music for these woodwind instruments; the variety of the tonal colours; the expertise and ensemble of the players, and well contrasted communication as a quartet, was an immediate pleasure to those gathered for the event.

The exploration of the musical periods and variety was balanced well with both the full quartet, and varying trio items. There was fine technical ability; varied and strong musical colours, as well as warm, skilful, and colourful presentations. It was very much appreciated by the  audience.

Brian Northcott.