8th November 2019


When a concert exceeds all expectations, it is all the more enjoyable. I thought Apollo 5 would excel at Monteverdi and other early music, but when they wowed us by performing all types of music so well – musical, jazz, pop, you name it –  I was simply bowled over.

Apollo5’s musicianship was in abundance. How they started each number without so much as a head nod, in tune and in time was staggering. The arrangements were fiendishly challenging with superb harmonisation of familiar tunes – all perfectly executed.

These top singers were e-fagiolini and the Kings singers combined – in culinary terms beautifully reduced to a finer concentrate. Less Jamie Oliver, more Raymond Blanc. Real finesse.

They say 2019 is the year to remember Apollo 11, which took Man to the moon. But after a concert such as this Apollo – the greek God of Music – I will remember another mission – to the stars.

Myles Taylor.